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Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Animals--Differences and Etiquette

Do you want know the difference between service, therapy, and emotional support animals? Do you not know how to behave around working animals? Read on to learn more! Norman loves his job as a therapy dog. He went through lots of training to get certified! Q: What are the differences between service/therapy/emotional support animals? A:  There are three main categories of animals that help humans mentally and/or physically: Service, therapy, and emotional support animals are all unique and can do different things for the humans around them. Some people may have more than one helper animal, and that's normal. Service animals help those with disabilities with a myriad of different tasks, depending on the disability/ies their human has. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that service animals must be individually trained to "take a specific action when needed to assist the person with a disability". They don't have to be professionally trained, and the AD

Meet the ASL Spokes-animals: Runa Iwovolk!

Welcome to the second piece in a series of bios about the Spokesanimals of ASL Solutions! Runa "Slayer of the Nine Realms" Iwovolk Runa looking both inquisitive and beautiful. Runa is an affectionate, vocal, and sweet orange tabby cat. Her medium-length hair is extremely soft and fluffy, and she's more than willing to let you pet it. She loves meeting new people and getting attention from them. Runa is an extremely social cat, and she really likes to hang out around humans. Dogs, she could do without    she had two as roommates once, and she never quite trusted them. They were excitable, and she wasn't a fan. Her humans adopted her from a shelter in Bemidji, MN, in December of 2019. She had been in the shelter for two weeks when her future humans walked in, and she rubbed up against the side of the kennel and pressed her face up against the bars. Her future humans had no chance of walking away. She clearly wanted attention, and she got it right away. She was immediate