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Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, the Patron Saint of Cats

St. Gertrude of Nivelles on a stained glass window; Basilica of Our Lady in Tongeren, Belgium Born in 626 into a noble family in what is now present-day Belgium, St Gertrude was expected to do many things were her life    marry into a suitable noble family chosen by her father, bear children, and dutifully do what she was told. She wasn't too keen on this, though, and wasn't afraid to say so. When her father hosted a banquet for the king, the king summoned Gertrude to his presence and asked her to marry the son of a duke. She reportedly lost her temper and "refused him with an oath", declaring that not only would she not marry this young man, but she would marry no young man at all, and her devotion was only to Christ. When Gertrude's father died, she moved with her mother Itta to Nivelles, where they built a monastery. They ran the monastery together, and eventually Gertrude took over completely as abbess. She was devoted to scholarship and charity, taking caring

Meet the ASL Spokes-animals: Hank Atkison!

Welcome to the first piece in a series of bios about the Spokes-animals of ASL Solutions! Hank Atkison Hank is beautiful, simply put. Hank is the Head Spokesdog for ASL Solutions, and he loves his job. He's honored to take on the family business from the former Head Spokesdog, Bessy. Hank is a loving, klutzy, and sweet bloodhound who was born in late 2017 and adopted by his family in early 2018. Hank has black and tan coloring and long, long ears. When Hank was a puppy, he actually used to trip over his ears! His registered name is Sir Hank E. Pank, because one of the older humans he knew used to call him Hanky Panky    he’s known to have a mischievous streak. Hank’s humans adopted him because one of the humans’ grandfathers had a bloodhound when he was growing up, and he just knew he wanted to live with and love another hound dog. Hank was born in Kentucky, and currently resides in Illinois. Hank is an energetic dog much of the time, but on his lazy days, he can be found sleeping