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Dogs and Chewing: Why it's Necessary and What You Can Do About it

If you've ever lived with a dog before, you have probably also had something destroyed by your furry friend. A deck of cards, a book, a pair of headphones, a couch, electrical cords, a door, a rug, your best shoes, toilet paper rolls--you name it, a dog's definitely chewed on it. Ever wonder why, though? It's actually really important for them to chew! Give a Hank a box, and he'll chew for 5 minutes. Why Dogs Chew: So why do dogs chew so much in the first place? Well, it's actually good and healthy for a dog to chew! Puppies chew a lot to relieve the pain of teething, much like human babies. We give little rubbery rings to babies to safely chew on, so you can see how puppies would need something similar. Their teeth are a little different, so a chew toy for a puppy might look a little different than a chew toy for a human baby. Dogs older than puppies chew to keep their jaws strong and their gums and teeth healthy. It's a natural way for them to keep up their de

Meet the ASL Product Models: Daisy Ochs!

  This is the fifth blog in our series 'Meet the ASL Product Models' by our intern, Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski. Daisy Ochs Daisy out and about. When Daisy Ochs's humans saw her for the first time, she was five months old and living in a barn. She was a little wild, and her beauty, striking. Her humans fell in love with her because of the way she looked at them with her big, sad-looking St. Bernard eyes. She grew from a playful puppy into a playful adult, and her impressive size makes her appear an imposing guard dog, though she's secretly easy to startle. She's been a lap dog from day one, and that hasn't changed with her age or her exponential increase in size. She's three years old and full of unique quirks and charm. Daisy relaxing on the carpet, one paw resting on her head. When her humans lay down, she sits on their heads. That's also one of the places she thinks she needs to sleep. She starts off the night by sleeping at the foot of their bed, but