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Cats and Scratching: Why it's Necessary and What You Can Do About it

If it exists, a cat has scratched it. If you live with a cat, you probably know this well. From laundry baskets to toilet paper, yoga mats to shoes, canvas bins to mattresses, rugs to carpeted stairs, wooden furniture to curtains; cats love sinking their claws into humans' stuff. But, it's actually healthy! Runa adores the texture of yoga mats. It's just *scratch* so *scrape* satisfying! But a yoga mat is a little harder to use when there's a cat lying on it, pulling little chunks off. Why Cats Scratch Scratching is healthy and natural for cats to do--they don't do it to be destructive. Cats have scent glands on their paws, so they sometimes scratch to leave a visual mark as well as a scent. This is used for communication among cats, especially for territory-marking. Scratching also helps cats to keep their claws healthy by removing the dead outer layer. It's also a great way for cats to stretch and flex their feet and claws, and it's normal, instinctive beh

Meet the ASL Product Models: Rosie Nuxoll!

This is the sixth blog in our series of 'Meet the ASL Product Models' by our intern, Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski. Rosie Nuxoll Rosie smiling for the camera. Rosie Nuxoll is a sweet, shy, playful golden doodle from a farm in Illinois. Rosie's playful spunk made her stand out to her soon-to-be-family, and they fell in love. The farmer who was selling the puppies had dressed them up in little costumes to tell them apart, and Rosie was dressed as Cinderella, complete with a flouncy little cape. Rosie was born in July of 2019 and adopted by her family in September of that year, shortly after her sister Lyla was adopted by the same family. The sisters are best friends, and were from a litter of nine puppies. Rosie was named after the grandmothers of one of her humans, who were both named Rose. Lyla and Rosie adorably cuddling together. Besides her sister Lyla, Rosie's best friend is one of her humans, Grant. Rosie will do anything for Grant, and as soon as he walks in the room