Meet the ASL Product Models: Rosie Nuxoll!

This is the sixth blog in our series of 'Meet the ASL Product Models' by our intern, Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski.

Rosie Nuxoll

Rosie smiling for the camera.

Rosie Nuxoll is a sweet, shy, playful golden doodle from a farm in Illinois. Rosie's playful spunk made her stand out to her soon-to-be-family, and they fell in love. The farmer who was selling the puppies had dressed them up in little costumes to tell them apart, and Rosie was dressed as Cinderella, complete with a flouncy little cape.

Rosie was born in July of 2019 and adopted by her family in September of that year, shortly after her sister Lyla was adopted by the same family. The sisters are best friends, and were from a litter of nine puppies. Rosie was named after the grandmothers of one of her humans, who were both named Rose.

Lyla and Rosie adorably cuddling together.

Besides her sister Lyla, Rosie's best friend is one of her humans, Grant. Rosie will do anything for Grant, and as soon as he walks in the room, she's got a big ol' smile on her face. And as soon as he leaves, she gets upset and whines. If she were allowed to sleep in his bed overnight, she would, but she sleeps in her kennel instead. If Rosie isn't by Grant's side, then she's probably napping in his bed.

Rosie's favorite non-living thing might just be her toy Lambchop, a stuffed sheep. There are approximately eight identical Lambchops scattered about the house, so there's always a Lambchop nearby. Rosie's not allowed to bring them outside, but they still manage to get scruffy from all her playing!

Rosie cuddling her Lambchop.

When Rosie doesn't have Lambchop in her mouth, she's chasing squeaky balls or soccer balls. She loves playing, and playing actually motivates her more than treats do. She'll still eat treats, of course, but she likes the interaction itself, and is more excited to do something for you if you play with her a little bit first.

When she doesn't have a toy in her mouth, Rosie's likely as not to be barking at something  leaves, squirrels, people; you name it, she barks at it. Rosie is very protective of her family and her yard. She barks at passersby to let them know to stay away, that it's her spot. When she's barking a bit too much and one of her humans corrects her, she goes up to them and apologizes, because she is not a fan of being in trouble.

Rosie glancing at the camera photogenically.

She's also not a fan of loud noises like trains and cars. When her humans were having construction done inside of the house, Rosie was not having a good time. She could do without one of her cat siblings in particular, and also strangers. She would also appreciate not having to share her favorite human with anyone.

Rosie is young, so her likes and dislikes have plenty of time to change. With Rosie's youth comes a LOT of energy! She loves to swim and play basketball with her favorite human  she's just as active and high-energy as he is, so they're perfect for each other. Rosie has got to be on the move all the time, at least when she's outside. Rosie also likes going to school functions to watch the younger humans play sports, and she likes to play with her sister Lyla in the yard. She also likes going on runs and in car and jeep rides (sticking her head out the window. of course).

Lyla and Rosie chillin' in the pool.

Perhaps her favorite activity, however, is jumping in the pool. Her sister, Lyla, was actually supposed to be the model for the ASL photoshoot, but Lyla snuck around the pool barriers and jumped in and then Rosie did too, but Lyla did not want to be towel-dried, so Rosie accidentally became the model! She allowed herself to be dried off, and with the coloring of her coat, she looked drier than she actually was.

Rosie doesn't mind getting wet, and that includes playing in the rain. That's the best time for digging, after all! She likes getting a good-size chunk of dirt to carry around in her mouth, and if she's outside on a rainy day, that's a guarantee that bath time needs to happen.

Rosie and Lyla relaxing in the sun on a deck.

One beautiful late summer day, Rosie and Lyla were watching their humans pack up the truck. They were being left behind in the yard! It didn't matter that it was a nice day, they were not having it. They knew something was up. They escaped the yard and followed their humans, who were just trying to move one of their children into a college dorm room. The family ended up taking two vehicles so they could bring both puppies along, and it was complete chaos, but it made for a fun, memorable move-in day.

Were Rosie to be able to do whatever she pleased for one day, she would wake up, run around outside for a little bit, play with her favorite human, go on a jeep ride, get some pup cups, go on the trail and run around some more, come home, if it's summertime then jump in the pool, then lay around outside until it's time to come inside for dinner, and then go back outside. Mostly, Rosie would want to be outside 24/7. Of course, she would also have Lambchop by her side the entire time, since Lambchop isn't normally allowed outside, and she would want to sleep in her favorite human's bed overnight. 

Rosie is super cute, sweet, and well-loved by her family. Her humans say that Rosie is a loving, tolerant dog. She loves getting attention, and she lets her humans pick her up. She'll be quite busy and full of energy outside, but when she's inside she's snuggly and might nudge you for attention. Their family wouldn't be the same without her.

Rosie and Lyla napping together.

Photo credit: Deana Nuxoll

Written by Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski


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