Meet the ASL Product Models: Shiloh Ochs!

This is the fourth blog in our series of 'Meet the ASL Product Models' by our intern, Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski.

Shiloh Ochs

Shiloh, exemplifying adorableness.

Shiloh Ochs is very much a gentle giant. She's a nine-year-old St. Bernard with a huge caring streak. Shiloh watches over everyone to make sure they're safe, and she's great with kids. Shiloh can even tell when her humans are sick. She likes to show affection to people by licking her lips and smacking them together like she's giving kisses from afar.

Shiloh sleeps in her humans' bed with her head on a pillow. She doesn't let her size stop her from acting like a lap dog, either, and if you stop petting her, she'll growl at you. She doesn't boss the other animals around, but she doesn't mind telling her humans a thing or two every now and then. Shiloh also pouts when she doesn't get her way. So you'd better keep on petting, unless you want to incur the wrath of Shiloh (which is just more pouting and some growling).

Shiloh having a rest.

Three years ago, Shiloh got a baby sister: Daisy. Though they have vastly different personalities, they compliment each other well. Shiloh didn't used to be under the impression that she's a lapdog, but Daisy always has been. When Shiloh saw Daisy clambering onto their humans' laps, it was like a lightbulb flicked on above her head. If you're right up in your humans' business, they have to pet you, right? Isn't that a law or something? It should be. Shiloh adores getting pets.

Shiloh showin' off her fluffy tummy.

Daisy has given more life to Shiloh, motivating her to get up and play and run around. Shiloh finds joy in trying to keep up with her energetic sister.

When Shiloh's feeling up to it, she'll wrestle with Daisy. Daisy knows better than to try to press her when she's not feeling like it, though. Sometimes, Daisy steals Shiloh's treats. But that's okay with Shiloh. She wants to make sure everyone else has eaten before she'll eat her own food  cats and dogs alike. She's patient.

Shiloh out in the snow!

Shiloh is even gentle with the way she wags her tail  it's like a feather, gently brushing things   especially as compared to her energetic sister, whose tail is more akin to a baseball bat thwacking you in the knees.

Shiloh's preferred snack of late has been carrots. Her humans also have a guinea pig and a rabbit, and Shiloh started sneaking their carrot snacks awhile back. Now she gets regular bedtime carrots. She also likes the occasional ice cube or glob of peanut butter.

Shiloh being used as a pillow by her sister, Daisy

Now that Shiloh is getting on in years, her hips are sore and she's got to take arthritis medicine. She's wise to her humans' tricks, though, and won't eat a peanut butter sandwich unless her sister Daisy eats one first. (Don't tell her, but her humans make sure to give Daisy a sandwich without medicine so Shiloh will see her sister eating the same thing and then take the sandwich.)

Shiloh is really smart. She understands what her humans are saying, and learned commands and tricks super fast when she was but a wee pup. Shiloh knows lots of tricks, like sit, roll over, wave, and shake. Her humans don't ask her to do those anymore because of her arthritis, so she has gotten really good at the "speak" trick. She does a little excited dance with her front legs when it's time for a treat. Her first bark is always quiet, but she can be persuaded to bark louder when there're treats involved.

Look at that fabulous bandana.

Shiloh used to despise her paws being touched, but now select humans can play with them (namely, her humans). She refuses to let her ear hair get trimmed, because she insists long ear hair is all the rage in the St Bernard community. No one is sure how to fact check this. She also takes care of her own nails, since she doesn't let groomers touch them. She's warmed up to getting her tail trimmed and cleaned at the groomer. It's all worth it, though, for the extra-cute bandanas the groomer always gives her to wear when she's all primped and cleaned! If she had the option, she would never take them off. (She pouts when the bandana comes off. Her humans say the bandanas get smelly and dirty, but Shiloh doesn't think they're smelly.)

Shiloh and her glorious ear hair.

If it was up to Shiloh to craft the perfect day for herself, it wouldn't be difficult  she would stay in bed all day, never getting up from her warm, cozy spot. She is decidedly not a morning dog. Shiloh is also a heck of a snorer, and a loud one at that. Her humans have to turn the TV volume up whenever Shiloh's naps get particularly burdensome on her nasal passages.

Her humans love her very much, and Shiloh returns this love in the way only a dog knows how. She is an important part of their family.

Shiloh's adorable face smooshed up against a couch.

Photo credit: Josh and Debra Ochs
Written by: Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski


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