Meet the ASL Product Models: Anna Klier!

This is the third bio in our series of Meet the ASL Product Models written by our intern Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski.

Anna Klier

Anna looking absurdly photogenic.

Anna is a smart, spunky, and energetic dog who was rescued by her humans in 2011. Her favorite way to greet people? Lots of licking. She's nine years old, and spends much of her time running around on her humans' farm. Anna sleeps in the spare bed, because it provides a stealthy vantage point from which to keep an eye on the local squirrels. Whenever she hears the word "squirrel", she needs to go check the window to make sure they know who's boss. After all, it would be embarrassing if they were causing a ruckus on her watch!

Anna charming your heart through the camera.

When she's not watching squirrels, Anna likes to play with her favorite toys: Sonic the Hedgehog and a plush possum. She's very gentle with them, so the stuffing doesn't get torn out. Anna loves playing with dogs her own size, too. When asked about her favorite treats, her humans said "lots of them"--she isn't too picky, so long as there are treats (and hopefully, many)!

Anna has clearly mastered the "adorable head tilt" technique.

Anna knows lots of tricks, like sit, roll over, and lay. Her favorite trick is "speak", and she can tell when her humans want her to speak just by how they look at her. She especially likes to practice this trick at drive-thrus in order to get tasty treats!

Anna posing in a Colts football jersey--clearly born to model.

Anna's favorite thing in the world is going for walks. Her ideal day would involve a healthy minimum of ten walks and lots of snacks. Her daily walks are the highlight of each day. That, and waking up from a nap to see her favorite humans nearby. She gets a big smile on her face when she sees them (and that smile gets even bigger with belly rubs). She, quite admirably, wakes up in a good mood on a regular basis.

Anna in the throes of puppydom.

The only thing Anna doesn't like is the arrival of her least favorite mail person, keeping with the tradition of doghood. She could also do without cats, if given the option, but she makes do. She has more important things to worry about than any adopted feline siblings--those squirrels, for instance. They need to be chased on a regular basis so they don't forget who's top dog.

Anna is the perfect size for the Dog Palace.

Anna also enjoys rolling in smelly things every once in a while, and she leaves her shed fur as a gift to her humans--of which she has plenty! She's pretty sure she heard a human say "the more, the merrier" once. That applies to this, right?

Anna cuddling a soft toy.

Once, Anna even made the local newspaper because someone saw her and thought she was super cute, so they took a picture and put it in the paper. She gets a lot of bragging rights from this experience.

Anna resting on an ASL fleece bed, looking serene.

Anna's humans say that she is a really good listener. She knows when she's in trouble, and puts on her sad face in way of apology. Anna is also clever enough to know when she can get away with something. She is a big part of her family, and her humans love her very much.

Anna with a big smile on her face.

Photo credit: Douglas Klier and Judy McClure


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