Meet the ASL Product Models: Homer D. Stanciu!

This is the second bio in our series of Meet the ASL Product Models written by our intern Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski.

Homer D. Stanciu

Homer posing like a natural.

Homer is a wild, sweet, and adorable lap dog from Las Vegas, NV that loves his humans more than anything. He’s 11 years old, and had a silly streak as a puppy, so he was named after Homer Simpson. He turned out to be pretty smart once he grew out of his silliness, though!

One of Homer’s favorite activities is cuddling his humans, and he definitely prefers to sleep in their bed over his own. He’s a good boy who likes to ride in the car and go for walks, and he thrives with a simple life. Homer comes when you call his name, and he loves bacon treats. One of his favorite toys is a squeaky angry bird that he used to chase when his humans threw it, but now he prefers to cuddle his humans rather than run around like he did when he was younger.

Homer dozing off on one of his humans.

Homer also has a nifty trick where he can roll himself into a ball! It makes his humans and their friends laugh every time--he saves his best tricks for when company is over.

Whenever Homer sees or hears something he doesn’t like, he makes sure to let everyone know who’s boss by barking fiercely at it. He doesn’t like anything with wheels (lawn mowers, dirt bikes, four wheelers, cars, tractors, even toys with wheels), and he also despises things that make loud sounds like hair dryers, drills, and mixers.

Homer catching some Z's.

When his humans have had a bad day, Homer is always there with a smile, ready to see them and snuggle them. One of the first things Homer does to greet people is run up to them and lick them on the lips! It’s his way of saying he’s excited to see you and ready to cuddle.

Homer landed the modeling gig with ASL because his humans knew the humans who were advertising that a small dog was needed to model, and Homer was a shoo-in.

Homer's official ASL Solutions debut.

Homer’s ideal day would be full of the simple things--going out to go to the bathroom in the morning, eating, and sleeping for the rest of the day. He’s a special dog, and his humans can’t imagine life without him.

Taking a snooze in his favorite place.

Photo credit: Annette Stanciu (sleepy Homer photos) and Judy McClure (ASL Solutions official photos)


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