Riley's Flying House

Meet Riley the 8yr old chocolate lab who piloted his Dog Palace through an F1 tornado.

Riley, the dog of Rob and Cheryl Stuhr of Bradshaw, Nebraska, went on a hair-raising ride of a lifetime on August 7when an F1 tornado picked up his dog house. The Dog Palace house was lifted from its position on the back porch up over the Stuhr's home and was deposited in the ditch along side the road adjacent to the front of their house. Unbelievably, Riley and his house came away unscathed.  Unfortunately, the same could not be said for several grain bins and trees on the property.  There was also some minor damage to the family house.

According to Rob Sturn, the family tried to find Riley as they headed to the basement for protection.  He was nowhere to be found and they had little warning about the tornado.  After the storm, they came out of the basement to find Riley with all his hair standing on end and acting a little wobbly.

Riley was unhurt although Rob admits that his temperament is a little calmer after the incident. Riley's dog house was undamaged.  It just needed a good hosing down on the inside but Riley is hardly to blame as the wild ride would likely cause anyone to loose control.

Thanks to John Matulka store manager at Orshlen Farm and Home and Steve Mosleley at York News Times for sharing this story with us.


  1. I hear these dog houses have heating systems in them. What about cooling systems for our pets when they are outside while we are at work during the day?

  2. The two to four inches of insulation in the house keeps the house from absorbing the heat from the sun and allows them to stay 20 to 25 degrees than a non insulated house. In addition, you can purchase our Dog Palace Breeze solar exhaust fans to help keep them cool.


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