Meet the ASL Product Models: Daisy Ochs!

 This is the fifth blog in our series 'Meet the ASL Product Models' by our intern, Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski.

Daisy Ochs

Daisy out and about.

When Daisy Ochs's humans saw her for the first time, she was five months old and living in a barn. She was a little wild, and her beauty, striking. Her humans fell in love with her because of the way she looked at them with her big, sad-looking St. Bernard eyes. She grew from a playful puppy into a playful adult, and her impressive size makes her appear an imposing guard dog, though she's secretly easy to startle. She's been a lap dog from day one, and that hasn't changed with her age or her exponential increase in size. She's three years old and full of unique quirks and charm.

Daisy relaxing on the carpet, one paw resting on her head.

When her humans lay down, she sits on their heads. That's also one of the places she thinks she needs to sleep. She starts off the night by sleeping at the foot of their bed, but really she's just pretending to sleep with everyone else. She'll get up in the night to play with the cats before coming back to bed and sitting on someone's head for her real sleep. Daisy is big on routine, and will bark at her humans when they're staying up too late.

Daisy comfortably resting on the couch.

Daisy knows several tricks, and she knows them extra well if you have a treat in your hands. She can roll over, lay down, stand up with her paws on your shoulders, and shake. She always shakes with her right paw then her left paw before getting a treat, so when she's ready for a treat she'll sit and wave both paws excitedly. Absolutely adorable.

Daisy also likes to wrestle with her sister, Shiloh, who is older than her. Sometimes she steals treats from her patient sister Daisy will eat anything and everything, she's not picky. She's always the first to the food dish, as she's very motivated. She acquired a taste for remotes (but only remotes), so her humans have to hide them from her. They just don't understand a refined palate when they see it. She'll also chew paper if it's on the floor, but who doesn't?

Daisy (bottom) and Shiloh (top) resting together.

Daisy is very carefree, and her only gripe is with one of her adoptive cat siblings. She just teases them on occasion. She also gets jealous of Shiloh and butts in front of people who are petting Shiloh so they're suddenly petting her instead. Daisy wants to get love first. She adores cuddles, and will close her eyes and fake sleep if you give her a hug. She appreciates affection from her humans.

Shiloh gets the couch, Daisy gets the floor.

When Daisy is feeling a little extra zoomy, she might try to dart outside before her humans can tie her to the cord. They live near a busy road, and there's a big unplanted field right across the street that's perfect for running in. What's a dog to do? She won't come when called when she escapes, because she doesn't want to go back inside. She doesn't get what's so scary about cars. People go in them all the time! So, her humans have had to resort to flagging down a stranger on the road and asking if they wouldn't mind stepping out of the car and hollering Daisy's name. Daisy will come right up to them, wagging her big tail, excited to get pets from a new person. Then her humans can take her home.

Daisy is ready to play!

Speaking of Daisy's tail, it hits you like a truck when she wags it, like it's made of metal and powered by an engine. She's just got that much energy! Her high energy rubs off on her sister Shiloh, and they play together all the time. Daisy's high energy also shows in her greetings she's a big-time licker, practically in the big leagues. Her energy is even obvious in her sleep she used to run her her sleep a lot, and she even barks and howls in her sleep sometimes.

Sometimes, you just gotta flop on the floor.

If Daisy were to map out her ideal day, it would involve running around outside with no restraints, wild and free. She would also want lots of snacks. Many humans can probably relate.

Daisy and her sister Shiloh are loved by their humans as if they were their kids, and nobody would have it any other way.

Daisy relaxing on the couch.

Photo credit: Debra and Josh Ochs
Written by: Skye Isabella Rose Iwanski


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